Visual credit to senior visual designer, TJ Ladner.



Who we are

TalkMeUp is an AI-enabled SaaS communication training startup company located in Pittsburgh, PA. By enabling trained AI to analyze learners’ video and audio and provide instant feedback, TalkMeUp provides instant and personalized coaching on communication skills, providing a new training solution for individuals and enterprises in an accessible, affordable, and time-saving way.

Why us

Research pointed out an existing gap between cost and effectiveness in the current communication skills training market. Neither of the two leading training methods, one-on-one coaching and group training, is on-demand. A good one-on-one coaching is customized but expensive (>$300/hr) while a group training is cheaper, but not customized for individual learners. In addition, both training categories are often conducted within a limited time and therefore are not able to provide the reinforcement required to improve on a particular skill. Not to mention the struggle suffered by individual and organization learners when measuring the training results with traditional methods.

TalkMeUp aims to close the gap by providing on-demand, effective, and personalized coaching on communication skills at 1/100th the cost of the world's best professional coaches. Our mission is to equip every learner with a smart coach in his/her pocket. By simply speaking to the app, learners can get instant feedback and personalized coaching. Moreover, for enterprise users, TalkMeUp functions as a learning management system that offers a cost-effective and efficient way to manage employee development and organizational behavior.

Our business model

TalkMeUp is free for individual end learners. Its primary revenue stream is generated from enterprise business. TalkMeUp sells its basic training solutions directly to enterprises ($119 per user per year), and provide premium enterprise simulation solutions ($199 per user per year). The prices are highly competitive as its 1/10th the cost of current corporate training solutions in the market.

TalkMeUp also offers freemium ($99 per user per year) consumer training solutions for brand image and consumer traction establishing.

Funding Received

TalkMeUp is an unstoppable rewards winner. By the time I was on board, TalkMeUp received the following fundings.

My contribution

I interned at TalkMeUp form November 2017 to May 2018. As TalkMeUp's founding UX design intern, I conducted learner research to define learners’ needs and build product flow. I iteratively crafted the product's user interfaces for both coaches and learners. I collaborated with the development team to lunch the beta version of in December 2017 (not the current version), and promoted an online activity Measure Your Charisma on Valentines day, 2018 from designing UI and UX to conducting usability testing. With my contribution, TalkMeUp raised pre-seed capital, made to the 2nd place at Carnegie Mellon University's  McGinnis Venture 2018 Competition, and won a spot in Carnegie Mellon University's VentureBridge at Silicon valley in summer 2018. 


Invision Demo

Click links blow to interactively experience coach's UI and learner's UI. 




Product Flow

learner flow-min.png

Learner flow

1. Record & upload mock interview videos

2. Get instant AI analysis feedback

3. Get human coach feedback

4. Book 1 on 1 sessions with a coach

coach flow-min.png

Coach flow

1. Review mock interview videos from learner

2. Provide professional feedback w/o reading AI feedback ahead of time

3. Provide further feedback in 1 on 1 session

4. Get rewards for the work


VIsual Iterations Gallary

Selected UI iterations to give you a sense of how I iteratively crafted the visuals.  


Historical Deliverables 

Learner experience research

product design

Low-fi prototype